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Meet Joshua Berman

Attorney Joshua Berman provides the highest level of legal services for people establishing their estate plans and protecting their financial stability. At Berman Law LLC, you will work with an attorney who takes the time to ask questions to better understand the dynamics, traditions and important cultural ties that make your family or business unique.

Mr. Berman has spent 23 years working in the estate and business planning field and clients recommend him to their family, friends and business associates because of his responsiveness and his willingness to discuss their individual estate planning needs. At Berman Law LLC, our founding attorney schedules plenty of time to talk frankly with you about your financial situation, as well as family dynamics that may impact how to set up your documents. He has a broad and sophisticated knowledge of estate planning and administration, and emphasizes customized plans over a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Creating an effective estate plan is a process that requires an eye to how your life situation may change in the future. Mr. Berman has helped individuals and families achieve their goals through effective estate plans that consider all their assets and long-term financial needs. He can begin by drafting a will for a client and explain what documents will be needed as their family and property grows, or if they start or buy a business. These conversations can streamline the process when it comes time to add to or modify an estate plan. 

To learn more about Mr. Berman’s professional background, follow the profile link below. 

Joshua Berman

Creating A Plan That Is Right For You

Your comprehensive estate plan will contain legal documents such as a will, trust, advance directive and power of attorney, among others. Every estate plan is different; however, the common thread is to protect your assets and to designate who – and how – you wish to distribute your assets when you are no longer here. Estate plans also contain important documents to address legal and medical matters while you are alive. Powers of attorney are legal instruments to designate an agent to act on your behalf should you suddenly become incapable to do so on your own. 

Mr. Berman works with individuals and families from all walks of life. No matter the size of your estate, he can guide you through the preparation of the best set of documents for your circumstances. He has worked with everyone from young newlyweds to mature couples with multi-million dollar estates. He can help you tailor your plan in a way that will protect your family now and in the future. 

Probate And Estate Administration When Your Loved One Passes

It is difficult for families when a loved one passes. When a person dies with or without an estate plan or will, family disputes can arise about the distribution of their loved one’s estate. The process of probate in Florida and in Georgia is complex. Attorney Berman is a compassionate and knowledgeable guide for the legal process. He will gather and manage paperwork on behalf of clients, helping families through one of life’s most challenging transitions. His focus is to streamline complex probate matters through all means, including arbitration and litigation.

Call Today For Trusted Legal Representation In Florida And Georgia

An estate plan can help you protect all that you have worked hard for during your life. It can safeguard your family’s or business’s financial stability when you are no longer here to provide for them. Berman Law LLC provides wills, trusts, estate planning, tax probate, charitable planning, business succession planning, asset protection planning, and general business and corporate transaction services.

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